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I’ve Had A Ball Of A Time!

Recently, I had my school ball. Or should I say, two of them?
For those Americans out there, the school ball is pretty much like a prom. Everyone wears nice dresses and brings a date and dances the night away on the dance floor.
Luckily for me, I got to go to two this year! (Me and my boyfriend of 13 months go to different schools.)
I just thought I’d show you the dresses I wore (a different one to each, of course!).
The first ball I went to was my boyfriend’s. I knew a few of his friends already, so it wasn’t too hard to have fun! I wore a green dress, and a masquerade mask that I’d made. (Check out my other blog post showing you how to make your own!)
NB: I haven’t asked my boyfriend for permission to post a photo of him, so I’ve cropped him out… ;P


The second ball I went to was my own. Admittedly, the music was much better because we’d won a competition for a famous(ish) DJ! I wore a red dress this time, in great contrast…


Luckily for me, my boyfriend’s suit matched both my dresses perfectly! Both nights were equally amazing and fun, definitely an experience I’ll never forget!!!



I’m A Black Belt (In Fashion)!

Some people’s outfits can look a bit blah, or two pieces go well together but don’t flow, or they look shapeless. The answer to these problems is simple: a thick black belt.

Belts are so versatile – they match most outfits, especially if they’re black or white.

To prove to you guys how essential a thick black belt can be, I pulled together three outfits in less than five minutes, all improved with the use of a thick belt (the same belt, too)!

Problem 1 – outfit looks blah:


By simply adding a thick belt to a t-shirt-and-skirt combination, the outfit starts to look alot more interesting!

Problem 2 – two pieces don’t ‘flow’:


Here, the thick belt acts as a type of ‘bridge’ that ‘sews’ the two pieces together!

Problem 3 – shapeless:


Thick belts are useful for casual summery dresses – it accentuates your shape by holding the dress in at the waist (or higher).

Now do you see? Thick belts (especially black ones) are must-haves for your wardrobe… (I mean, they go with everything!)
You can thank me later ;P


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