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Chain of Cranes decoration!!

on August 1, 2012

Need a new phone charm, wall decoration, or even earrings? Then this is for you!


You will need:
– Squares of paper
– Scissors
– Thin cardboard

Start off by folding all your squares of paper into paper cranes. Then, cut your piece of cardboard into quite thin strips.
Now, using your scissors, poke them through the hole at the base of one of the cranes, and all the way through to the other side to form a ‘tunnel’.
Next, fold one strip of cardboard in half. At one end is a loop, and the other is two separated ends. Fold each end in a different direction, like so:


Now, poke the end with a loop into the base of the crane, and pull it through. Repeat this step with the rest of the cranes.

And thats it! You’re done! A chain of cranes, ready to be hung up anywhere you’d like.



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