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Union Jack Nail Polish!

on July 21, 2012

In spirit of the Olympics drawing ever nearer, I’m writing a post to teach you guys how to paint union jacks on your nails!

You will need:
– Red, blue, and white, and clear nail polish
– Sellotape
– Scissors

Start off by painting your whole nail red. I recommend you only do your thumbnail to start with, because its the biggest and easiest to do.


Make sure the nail polish is completely dry, then cut a piece of sellotape into quarters so you have four very thin strips. Now sellotape a union jack on your nail (it looks like an asterisk). Now carefully paint over your whole nail in white, making sure the white doesnt get under the sellotape. Once the nail is completely dry again, peel the sellotape off slowly and gently. Your nail should look something like this (but probably neater – I’ve never done this before):


Now cut a piece of sellotape just in half this time, so the strips aren’t as thin as before. Stick them down over the red lines you’ve just made. Now paint your whole nail blue! Once its completely dry, peel the sellotape off gently and carefully like before. You should now have a union jack on your nail!




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