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Masquerade Mask!

on July 1, 2012

In this post, I’ll teach you how to make your own masquerade mask! I’m going to a Venetian masquerade ball in a few days time, so I thought I’d make my own mask! Its so hard to find affordable masks that look just right with your dress/suit.

You will need:
– A white paper mask
– Paint (in the color you want your mask to be)
– Paintbrush
– Sequins (if you can find some in a string already, they’re best)
– Superglue
– Sellotape
– A thin metal/wooden rod
– A selection of beads
– Two large feathers in the color of your choice

Firstly, cut the mask so its the right shape for your face, then paint both sides of the mask. Once the paint has dried, carefully superglue the sequins all around the edges of the mask (including around the eyes). Where the loop ends, add extra superglue to ensure it doesn’t unravel.


Now, superglue the two feathers on one side of the mask. Like so:


Grab the thin metal/wooden rod and place a bead on one end. Put a blob of superglue on the end to make sure the bead stays in place. Once the glue has dried, continue filling the rod up with beads until an inch from the end. Now, superglue or tape the rod to the bottom of the mask. If you tape it on, make sure you paint over it so it doesn’t look ugly.


Now you’re done! Easy, huh? You can paint designs on the front if you like, but I decided to keep mine simple.




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