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I’m A Black Belt (In Fashion)!

on June 11, 2012

Some people’s outfits can look a bit blah, or two pieces go well together but don’t flow, or they look shapeless. The answer to these problems is simple: a thick black belt.

Belts are so versatile – they match most outfits, especially if they’re black or white.

To prove to you guys how essential a thick black belt can be, I pulled together three outfits in less than five minutes, all improved with the use of a thick belt (the same belt, too)!

Problem 1 – outfit looks blah:


By simply adding a thick belt to a t-shirt-and-skirt combination, the outfit starts to look alot more interesting!

Problem 2 – two pieces don’t ‘flow’:


Here, the thick belt acts as a type of ‘bridge’ that ‘sews’ the two pieces together!

Problem 3 – shapeless:


Thick belts are useful for casual summery dresses – it accentuates your shape by holding the dress in at the waist (or higher).

Now do you see? Thick belts (especially black ones) are must-haves for your wardrobe… (I mean, they go with everything!)
You can thank me later ;P



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