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5 Fun Projects!

on June 10, 2012

I’ve put together a few projects for you guys to try, which aren’t long enough for a whole post to themselves ;P

Project One – Whiteboard Words

You will need:
– Scissors
– Thin magnets with words on them
– A magnetic surface to stick them on

Want to write a message to yourself, but don’t want to have to buy a whiteboard marker? All you need to do is cut up thin magnets into individual letters or words, and put them on your magnetic surface! Easy!


Project Two – Wall Quotes

You will need:
– Scissors
– Lots of black paper OR paper and a black vivid to color in with
– Blue-tack
– Space on your wall

What you do, is count the number of each letter is in your quote (I.e 5 u’s, 3 t’s, 4 s’s, etc) and draw one of each of them on the paper. Then, if you have multiple of one letter, fold the paper until you have the same number of layers as the number of each letter there is (e.g, if there are 3 t’s, there should be 3 layers of paper). This means you don’t need to cut out 3 separate t’s – you only need to cut it out once to get 3! Then, blue-tack each letter to the wall in the right order!


Project Three – Flower Phonebook Pencil Holder!

You will need:
– Hot glue gun
– Old phonebook
– Craft knife/scissors
– Paint (if you prefer)
– A piece of cardboard (around 30cmx30cm)

I find this project simply amazing! Admittedly, its not mine (though I wish it was!!!) so here’s a link to the project!

Project Four – Butterfly-style Wall Hearts

You will need:
– A variety of colored paper
– Scissors
– Pencil/pen
– Blue-tack

This is such a cute idea (if I do say so myself)!
All you need to do is cut out many many hearts from different colors of paper, fold them in half, then blue-tack them to the wall! Also, you can put layers of paper on top of each other to save cutting time, and cut small hearts out of the remaining paper to save trees!


Project Five – Paper Crane Window Decoration

You will need:
– Square colored paper
– Needle
– Transparent string (like nylon or fishing line stuff)
– A pin or something to attach it to the window

All you need to do is fold a few paper cranes, push the needle (with string tied on) through the body of the crane (twice – otherwise the cranes will all slide down), and attach the end to the window! Simple.


Hope you enjoy making these 5 fun projects!



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