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Hanging Hearts Decoration!

on May 20, 2012

You will need:
– 2 x A4 paper (any color)
– Scissors
– 1 metre of string
– Stapler
– Push pin

Start by cutting the paper into strips of about 2cm wide (there should be 9 strips). Cut three of the strips in half, so you have 6 long strips and 3 short strips. Like so:


Next, fold all the all of the strips in half and unfold.
Using the push pin, poke a hole through the middle of each strip of paper. Now, put a piece of string through the holes of each strip – but do it so each strip faces ‘up’, and alternating between short strips and long strips, with a long strip at the top. Like so:


Next, use the stapler to staple the string to the paper, half a cm up from the centre crease. Like so:


Repeat this for all the strips of paper, then tie a knot under the bottom strip so it doesn’t slide off.
Now, starting from the bottom strips, bend one half of a long strip, and one half of a short strip (on the same side of the string) out and down towards the string below it. Then, hold it there while you do the same for the other side. Staple it in place, like so:


Now repeat for the rest of the hearts, and pin the string to the wall!





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