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Rose Pen!

on May 8, 2012

This rose pen is adorable! Perfect for a mother’s day gift, or just a unique way to pimp your stationary!

You will need:
– 1 pen (preferably a plastic one, or a bic one)
– 1 fake flower with a stem of 5cm or more
– black tape

Start by placing the end of the tape on the bottom of the pen at a slight angle, like so:


Next, wrap the tape around the pen until you reach a stem’s length from the end (e.g, my flower’s stem is 7cm, so I’ll stop that far from the top). Like so:


Then, hold the stem against the pen, and continue taping all the way up to the top. This will hold the flower in place, like so:


Ta da! Thats it! You’re done.




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