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Paper Plane Hanging Decoration!

on May 3, 2012

In this post I’ll teach you how to make a paper plane hanging decoration!

You will need:
– 12 pieces of A4 paper (If you don’t have that much, or if you want to make a mini version, grab three pieces and cut them into quarters.)
– Scissors
– String or transparent fishing line
– Needle or sharp object to poke a hole through the paper with
– Space to hang it up!

Firstly, fold the pieces of paper into 12 separate paper planes.
Instructions below:


Then, cut the string to the length you want your hanging decoration to be (my mini version is a metre).


Divide the paper planes into groups of four, and lie one of the groups out in front of you (leave the rest aside for now).


Thread the needle.
Grab one of the paper planes, turn it over so its facing bottom up, and push the threaded needle in about 1cm from the end.


Pull the string through until there’s a ‘tail’ of about 20cm hanging off the end.
Next, push the needle in about 1cm from the other end of the paper plane, and pull the string taut.


Do this with the other three planes, and then take the needle off the end of the string. You should now have a trail of paper planes!


Now you need to do the same thing twice more (one for each set of four). You should end up with three rows of paper planes, like this:


Now all you need to do is hang them! You can either tie the ends of the string to push pins and pin them to the wall, or you can use lots of blu-tack like me (a great idea if you’re only renting your house!).

Ta da!




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  1. Good day: thank you for getting the time of composing up this knowledge. I always try to even further my understanding of things. Regardless if I agree or disagree, I really like material. I just remember the olden days if the only source of information was the library or the newspaper. They both appear to be so archaic. Please Pardon my rough grammar : )

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